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*YoU ThInK yOu KnOw BuT yOu HaVe No IdEa...*
Las Vegas


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Those Crazy Mexicans...

--Spring Break 2002: Las Vegas with Nikki!! omg some good times... in the pool, IT WONT GO IN!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahhahahaha that was without a doubt the funniest thing of my life, im not kidding. i say soooo many things were the funniest things of my life, but that TRULY was, i mean... OMG!!! hahahahahhahha i still laugh hysterically thinking about it!!!!!!! i love you like a sis gurl!!--

*Me, Mrs. F, & Nikki at "Paris" hotel*

*Me, Nikki, & One of the 3 Blue Guys from The Blue Man Group*

*Me & Nikki before some fancy thing that I don't remember...*

*By The Pool*

*Me & Nikki at Bellagio*