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*YoU ThInK yOu KnOw BuT yOu HaVe No IdEa...*
The Party Life


The Younger Years... | Getting Older... 6th Grade! | Alton Jones | Jay Peak | Sunday River!!!!!!!! | Cheerleading | Las Vegas | Class Day | The Party Life | The Last Days...

-Small captions of the PaRtY LiFe*

*Me & Leah... I swear we arent drunk!!! :)*

whether it was a surprise party or a normal party, there was usually somethin goin on!!! and i know you all loooove my halloween party picture from like... 5th grade, hahah

*My Best Girls... The guys all ran away from the picture! haha... It was our first guy-girl party!!*

*Erin, Anna, Leah, Melissa, Tiff, Me, Nikki, & Alex... Leah's SuRpRiSe Party*

*Halloween baby!! CANDY CANDY CANDY!!*