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*YoU ThInK yOu KnOw BuT yOu HaVe No IdEa...*
The Younger Years...


The Younger Years... | Getting Older... 6th Grade! | Alton Jones | Jay Peak | Sunday River!!!!!!!! | Cheerleading | Las Vegas | Class Day | The Party Life | The Last Days...

Its All About Me and Sarah D!

*I've known Sarah D now since i was like 3... her mom used to babysit me! hahah so of course me, her, her brother (graham) and andrew feeney would be playin with each other ALL the time!! i love yah, PAMPERS GIRL!! ill never forget the many naked times at 4 years of age.... hahaha*

*Birthday Party*

*Birthday Party*

*ANOTHER party... DAMN! we must have been PaRtY AniMaLs!

*1st Dance Recital... Tracy Ciccone Performing Arts with Sarah D, Fitz, n Lauren McCullough*