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*YoU ThInK yOu KnOw BuT yOu HaVe No IdEa...*
Alton Jones


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*The trip even worse then Turtle Island*
(Like you didn't think it was possible)

Uhh... Alton Jones, I had an AWESOME time in our cabins... we had the best one!! me tiff lee lexi jai-me erin... it was awesome!! but when we were in feild groups... I WAS GUNNA KILL THE DAMN COUNSELOR!!!! hahaha, erin, you saw how annoyed i was with her!!!! hahahaha, nobody has even been so damn annoying as her in my whole life!! but other then feild groups and the gross food, it was fun!! hahah

*Me & Lee... Again*

*Jill, Danni, Kim, Victoria, Nicole, Lauren*

*Me & Erin*

*A tonnnn of people! haha... Me, Erin, & Jai-Me are the only couple people though :)*

*Is it just me, or does it look like Mrs. Meyers is trying to make out with Ben?*

*Isn't it funny when Kim trys to PRETEND to do work... I bet she was thinking, WHAT THE FUCK?!*

*Me & Erin Again*